Neuroblastoma Research Symposium

Ruth Palmer lab goes on a Symposium trip.

This year Neuroblastoma UK invited researchers to Cambridge for two days discussing the current events and latest findings in the field. Clinical, translational and basic scientist exchanged ideas at this relatively small meeting, which allowed us to have some rewarding panel discussions with the speakers. The session topics ranged from developmental plasticity and microenvinroment to various modalities of therapies for Neuroblastoma. Ruth Palmer herself presented some of the data from current publications which were met by some “wows” from the audience, and continued with some results which are going to be featured in an upcoming manuscript.

In between these sessions there was time for coffee, snacks and poster presentations. Our lab and collaborators came prepared with no less than 6 posters and a small talk by Peter Merseburger PhD student in Jimmy Van den Eyndens lab, who presented some spatial transcriptomic data from tumors treated in our lab.

Friday evening gave us some time to relax in the Clare College historical halls, with good food served. Then we were off to bed, rooms were provided by the college.

After two intense days we are now back in Gothenburg with some fresh ideas and a renewed confidence that the lab is headed in the right direction.

Professor Palmer in her right environment

Ruth Palmer
Ruth Palmer
Professor at Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology

I want to impart those around me with my enthusiasm for research and to train the next generation scientist.